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More than just a virtual desktop SkinnyOffice WorkSpace is scale-able, superior option to other vendor’s limited cloud desktop offerings; a game changer for productivity, cost effectiveness and security that completely addresses end users’ evolving needs while further simplifying desktop management.

Managed Security Program

The SkinnyOffice Managed Information Security Program is a holistic Cyber Security solution for small & medium buisness that have concerns about security breaches resulting in the compromise of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or disruption of operations that would cause material harm to the business.

Unified Communications

SkinnyOffice’s Unified Cloud Communications Solution delivers award-winning collab­oration (video, chat, conferencing and more), secure enterprise-class email, and crystal-clear voice services that will increase productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Business Continuity

SkinnyOffice’s Business Continuity Solution ensures that your communications and computing are available regardless of onsite conditions, that you can recover key data and services in just minutes. SkinnyOffice Business Continuity comprises a number of cloud services & infrastructure to ensure high availability.


Imagine what you could do with a trusted partner for:

Combine Multiple Services Into One Unified Package

Complimentary services combined into convenient and fully supported packages. SkinnyOffice Solutions provide support across the entire IT spectrum oriented towards accessibility and affordability for small and medium businesses.

You're just three steps away.

1. Consult
We listen, understand the cause of your problem, then identify the best solution for your company.

2. Implement & Support
Industry-aligned teams work with you proactively to monitor and improve your technology solutions.

3. Plan for the future
Beyond support, we help you develop a plan that can be implemented today and pay dividends tomorrow.


Think it has to be hard? It's not.

Whether you need a one-time project or an ongoing support plan, our strategic consulting and business technology solutions enable you to focus on what matters—running and growing your business.


Our project leadership team ensures your project reaches successful, timely completion. We design project scopes and lifecycles to control timeframes, costs, and communications.


Our industry-aligned teams proactively monitor your systems, provide hands-on support, and conduct ongoing assessments and consultation to ensure you get the most out of your technology.

Too many goals to tackle? Not for us!

Our project teams and support teams can work simultaneously so you don't lose momentum.