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Datacenter Colocation

SkinnyOffice develops and operates data centers for small and medium businesses. From big data, cloud and high performance computing to whatever comes next, our data centers are designed from the ground up with the flexibility and scalability to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. We let our customers deploy their capital on their business while providing them with the assurance that they never again have to worry if their mission critical functions are running.


What is Datacenter Colocation?

Our Datacenter Colocation is a physical facility that offers space with the proper power, cooling and security to host businesses’ computing hardware and servers. This capacity includes anything from single racks, 1/2 cabinets, cabinets, cages, to private data suites. SkinnyOffice provides peace of mind through uptime guarantees and frees up time and resources for companies to invest in their core business. Colocation data centers offer companies enhanced security, redundancy and connectivity by utilizing economies of scale, allow businesses to centralize their IT operations and create an efficient architecture that can reduce costs.

How Datacenter Colocation Benefits

Your Employees

Provides a high-quality collocation experience for any size of client.

Your IT Staff

Is scalable, simple to deploy, highly secure, and fully supported.

Your Organization

Improves agility, productivity, and lowers your total cost of ownership.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact a SkinnyOffice associate and let us know how our services can help your business.

Project-based Colocation solutions tailored to modern IT strategies.

Single Tenant, Multi-tenant, or Colocation we serve the needs of the discerning corporate user in premier, purpose-built data centers with service to match.


Why use Datacenter Colocation?



With robust infrastructure and built-in redundancies; our operation team ensures that your data is always up and running when you and your customers need it.


Our secure colocation datacenters work with multiple Tier1 service providers to ensure high availability, regardless of the location of your customer.



Carrier-neutral colocation facilities provide you with a marketplace of networks, clouds and IT service providers that compete for your business.



Colocation facilities with the ability to support your future growth. We will work hard with your business to find solutions to support your growing datacenter needs.

Cost of Ownership

Datacenter Colocation provides several opportunities to reduce costs. Clear up internal resources by relying on SkinnyOffice to maintain the data center space.


Security & Compliance

Our colocation data cemter provides comprehensive measures to meet these requirements, such as 24x7x365 in-house security, cameras, and biometric scanners.

Hybrid Cloud

Directly connect to clouds of your choice and experience cost savings and performance benefits of cloud interconnection solutions from leading cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and IBM.


Our support staff is available to immediately rectify any problems, saving IT time and putting employees back to work quickly. Optionally use SkinyOffice Managed IT services to augment your IT team.

  • Customizable space from 1/2 cabinets to private data suites.
  • High density power and cooling with flexible options available.
  • Integrated security systems with biometrics and custom locks.
  • Standard, floor-to-ceiling, or above and below-floor cages.
  • Privacy walls and corner-lock tiles available.

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