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Disaster Recovery

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use your Disaster Recovery plan but in order to properly protect your data and IT infrastructure, your business absolutely needs a well considered plan. Disaster Recover is everything needed to get your systems back up and running and encompasses the policies and procedures that your organization’s IT workers should follow to successfully get your business back on track.


What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) IT consultation service provided by SkinnyOffice. We will help you develop, and maintain, the processes of capturing and organizing the critical information needed to ensure that IT operations are in a position to survive when a disruption occurs. We will help you craft a disaster recovery plan, meet with your IT personnel to document its scope & objectives, and help develop the processes to meet your organization’s data recovery objectives and other goals. Ensure that your systems, data, and personnel are protected and your business can continue to operate in the event of an actual emergency or disaster by having SkinnyOffice help you evaluate, develop, and maintain a Disaster Recovery plan.

How SkinnyOffice Benefits

Your Employees

Helps You Develop & Assign Roles & Responsibilities

Your IT Staff

Augment Your Disaster Recovery Team With Trained Professionals

Your Organization

Ensure Availability With Continued Testing & Maintenance.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact a SkinnyOffice associate and let us know how our services can help your business.

Disaster Recovery is a subset of Business Continuity.

Whereas Disaster Recovery is generally focused on a company’s IT operations, Business Continuity involves the entire business and the functions that are critical to its ongoing operations.



Why use Disaster Recovery?

Disasters to Plan For

Application Failure

Data Center Disaster

Virtual Machine Failure

Building Disaster

Host Failure

Campus Disaster

Rack Failure

Regional Disaster

Communication Failure

National Disaster

  • Up-front Plan Development
  • Acheive Your Compliance Goals
  • Fully-managed Testing and Recovery
  • Scalable and Customizable Solutions
  • Integration With Other Business Continuity Services

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