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EndPoint Protection

Your business deserves the best unified security solution available, one that combines antivirus, antispyware, intrusion detection/prevention, and a personal firewall as a single endpoint protection platform. SkinnyOffice EndPoint Protection will secure all your endpoint devices: servers, workstations, desktops, and laptops.


What is EndPoint Protection?

EndPoint Protection is a Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS) security solution that encompasses software tools and technologies that enable the securing of endpoint devices. SkinnyOffice Endpoint Protection combines multiple detection techniques, ranging from static IOCs to behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and human-driven managed services such as managed threat hunting. Being a centrally managed solution it allows for the continuous monitoring and collection of activity data, along with the ability to take remote remediation actions, whether the endpoint is on the corporate network or outside of the office keeping you informed of security events and protection status on all of you computers.

How EndPoint Protection Benefits

Your Employees

Provides a high-quality, transparent, experience that maximizes endpoint up-time.

Your IT Staff

Is scalable, simple to deploy, highly secure, and fully supported.

Your Organization

Protects your proprietary information and your org’s reputation.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact a SkinnyOffice associate and let us know how our services can help your business.

Combining Multiple Layers of Protection

Each network security layer implements its own policies and controls. Further integrates with the SkinnyOffice Managed Security Platform.

Managed Security Platform


Why use EndPoint Protection?


All Threat Protection

Protect endpoints from a wide variety of modern threats including viruses, spyware, phishing, ransomware, and unauthorized access.

All Device Protection

Blocks evolving threats with support on PCs, Macs and Windows Server plus mobile threat defense iOS and Android devices.


Real-Time Protection

Real-time protection advanced multi-layered technologies including machine learning, emulation and behavior analysis.


Protection Policies

Configure every aspect of the endpoint agent including: scan schedules, remediation action and file & folder exclusions.


Advanced Management

Built-in device management enforces device security, data protection on the endpoint, and network access policy control.

Central Event Monitoring

Central management capabilities keep you informed of security events and protection status on all of your endpoints.

Low Resource Usage

Add protection and security transparently by reducing unnecessary resource overhead on each endpoint.


Fully supported by SkinnyOffice. Management Service is all inclusive with updates, development, and premium support.

  • Advanced Security and Management for All Your Users’ Devices
  • Easy to Use Cloud-Based Setup and Management
  • Secure Your Devices without Adding IT Headcount
  • Integrates with SkinnyOffice Managed Security Platform

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