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I.T. Helpdesk

Our I.T. Helpdesk services are comprised of certified, US-based IT professionals. We offer high-quality business IT support desk and remote network monitoring services – every hour of every day. Much more than a traditional support desk, SkinnyOffice’s IT help desk services provide our customers with professional and immediate help desk support without the costly overheard.


What is I.T. Helpdesk?

Our Managed I.T. Helpdesk and User Support service provides a single focal point and a single contact for all your technical support needs. It offers accountability, so you don’t have to spend your time coordinating IT support services. And a single focal point may help to hasten recovery from and potentially prevent the occurrence of outages. With multivendor hardware and software components support under a simplified contract structure, we can help you meet service level expectations and can act as a trusted advisor to your IT organization.

How I.T. Helpdesk Benefits

Your Employees

Provides a high-quality IT experience for any size of client.

Your IT Staff

Can augments your team with a vast array of IT experience.

Your Organization

Provides your organization with someone fully dedicated to IT.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact a SkinnyOffice associate and let us know how our services can help your business.

Leverage Specialized IT Help Desk Services for Your Business

Helpdesk and support options for organizations of all sizes requiring a full- or part-time support desk or a comprehensive technical service resource center.


Why use I.T. Helpdesk?

What We Provide?

Your end-users’ time is best spent working for your organization, not managing IT issues. 

Hardware Support

Software Support

Account Management

System Troubleshooting

HelpDesk Benefits?
When you outsource your IT help desk services to SkinnyOffice you gain these benefits:

Lower IT Costs

You won’t need to purchase new IT facilities or hire more staff that you may not need.

Greater Efficiency

When your staff can focus on their job – not IT – your organization becomes more efficient.

Advanced Technology

Benefit from new technology and help enhance the day to day business functions.

Improved Competitiveness

A managed helpdesk can create a level playing field for your small or medium business.


Increase productivity as your staff can now focus on their core responsibilities.

Excellent Service

Eliminate a common source of frustration and your employees can be more effective.

  • Customer Service for Users: The users are provided business-aligned user support based on the profile of the user and automation.
  • Powerful and Productive Tools: Various business aligned and effective tools are administered for gathering information and automation successfully.
  • Service Accessibility: A 24/7 live support is available for the users so that the users can contact and have their grievances, complaints or problems addressed at any time and from any place.
  • Tailored Services: As per your needs and requirements.
  • Increased SLA (Service Level Agreements): It reduces wait time for customers.
  • Wide Base of Knowledge: A trained, Certified and experienced staff at your service.

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