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.NET Development Resources When You Need Them

SkinnyOffice offers you a .NET development team that can be adjusted based on your requirements. Software developers, business technology consultants, QA professionals, and UI/UX designers with specific skillsets that can work on an as-needed basis or remain part of your regular in-house team.

.NET Development Services

SkinnyOffice maintains a strong .NET unit that includes full-stack .NET developers and Microsoft Certified Professionals. Our .NET application development services has helped customers ranging from startups to global corporations scale their business and address tomorrow’s challenges with confidence.

Custom .Net Web Development

As the web continues to penetrate almost every area of business, our clients depend on us to deliver reliable, custom-built web-based solutions to support their objectives. By integrating knowledge of your business and objectives into a flexible, intuitively designed web application, we will help you maximize sales, cut operational costs, and work more efficiently.

Custom .NET Application Development

Our consultants use the Microsoft .NET framework to create dynamic and effective custom software that is designed specifically for each customer. Because of our long history with Microsoft’s premier software development platform, we are able to help with older systems built on a previous platform or build a completely new system using the latest features Microsoft has to offer.


What is Custom .Net Development?

Custom .NET Development can help your businesses with its wide range of tools, libraries, third party components, and infrastructure. This platform is a perfect cost-effective solution to enhancing workflow and operations. SkinnyOffice’s skilled .NET developers can design and execute a complete end-to-end custom software solution for your enterprise. Bring your business up to speed with SkinnyOffice custom development resources today. We offer everything from detailed development strategies to comprehensive post-launch support.

Client Applications

Client application development spanning from HTML5 web apps to Windows Store applications that run on everything from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Data Access & Reporting

Our team has also worked on a number of Business Intelligence implementations (Reporting, OLAP and data warehousing) built on SQL Server platforms.

Full Technology Stack

Mastery over .NET environment full stack technologies, including .NET, ASP.NET, Web API, MSSQL, REST, Azure Cloud Platform and more.

Complete Development Lifecycle

Support for the entire development lifecycle from planning, creating, testing, and deploying your custom .NET developed system.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact a SkinnyOffice associate and let us know how our services can help your business.

.NET Application & Web Custom Development

Our .NET competency team will work with your business to understand your business requirements and delivers comprehensive solutions utilizing the full range of .NET functionality.


Why .NET Development?

SkinnyOffice’s experienced .NET custom development team utilizes the Microsoft .NET framework to deliver custom web and desktop .NET applications as well as quality multi-platform and complex enterprise solutions to fit every need. SkinnyOffice’s seasoned .NET software developers are proficient in:

Web Applications


Web Services

WCF Services, REST, SOAP, JSON, OData, Windows Forms, WPF, XAML Browser Apps, Silverlight


HTTPS/SSL, SSO, X.509, NTLM, Kerberos, Encryption, Auditing, Logging

UI Components

ASP .NET, AJAX CT, DevExpress, Telerik, Infragistics

Distributed Apps

Enterprise Services, .NET Remoting


Silverlight, RIA Services, JavaScript


SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, BizTalk, Exchange Server

Data Access

ADO .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, NHibernate


What is Included?

Because of our experience working in a variety of industries and environments, we can address most any situation needing a custom solution. Our consultants thoroughly understand Microsoft’s constantly evolving technologies and applications and are able to help clients take advantage of Microsoft solutions. Although we specialize in the Microsoft platform, we also have experience integrating with systems other that Microsoft.  

Types of Engagements

  • Public Web Presence
  • E-Commerce Web Site
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Mobile Device Applications
  • Legacy System Enhancements and Integration

Experience and Knowledge

  • Requirements analysis and application design
  • User interface modeling and design
  • Application development and deployment
  • Data modeling and custom database design
  • Business process modeling and automation
  • Hardware specification
  • Architecture review