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Business Continuity

More than just backups, SkinnyOffice Business Continuity the a strategy that not only lets you recover from outages, but do so with minimal or no downtime or service outage by leveraging a number of SkinnyOffice services in one convenient and fully supported package.


What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity is a composite solution built out of various services that only SkinnyOffice could provide. It is a strategic planning program developed for each client that combines our in house online planing planning and incident management platform, recovery resources from our Cloud, and, optionally, temporary office space from one of our FlexSpace partners.


WorkSpace is simple to use and increase productivity across your organization, for both IT and the end-user. Users access their virtual desktops from any location on any device and administrators can support and deploy desktops from a centralized location.



As is common with other cloud-based solutions, SkinnyOffice WorkSpace enables organizations to quickly and easily scale as needed, spinning up a new desktop or adding resources to multiple existing desktops with the click of a mouse.


Focusing on small and medium sized businesses SkinnyOffice WorkSpace is a fully supported solution. Let us augment your existing IT staff with our Help Desk and Managed IT services to give you that peace of mind you have been looking for.


Secure point-to-site connectivity ensures authenticated access from remote locations to the SkinnyOffice cloud. Additionally, all data within WorkSpace environments is encrypted and stored in one of SkinnyOffice’s state-of-the-art data centers.

How Much Downtime Can You Afford?

Enable IT resilience with a solution that fits your recovery time-frames, budget and compliance needs. Ensure critical data can be recovered quickly, minimizing downtime and, most importantly, keeping your business up and running.

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What is Included?

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

SkinnyOffice will help with the process of capturing and organizing the critical information needed to ensure that IT operations are in a position to survive when a disruption occurs. SkinnyOffice will even assist you with running annual and mock DR tests to ensure that if a disaster were to occur, your organization is protected.

Virtual Desktop (DaaS)

Cloud hosted remote desktop environment.


Mobile & Versatility

Access Anywhere on Any Device


Physically Redundant

Remotely Stored and Protected Information

Encrypted Cloud Backup

End to end encrypted and automatic backups of desktop and servers files to protect your vital company data for compliance efforts, catastrophe or simply accidental user deletion.


Hybrid Storage Options

Backup To Premise Storage and Encrypted Cloud


Strongest Encryption

Your Encryption Key are yours and are never stored by SkinnyOffice

Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Cloud hosted infrastructure components such as servers, storage and networking hardware.


Faster Deployment and Scalability

Quickly and easily scale by spinning up a new resources as needed.


Redundant and Remote

Critical applications on redundant cloud storage.

Cloud Communications

If your office ever goes down, quickly and easily take your entire phone system with you by turning any computer into a handset. Never loose contact with SkinnyOffice cloud communications including our VoIP phone and fax systems, hosted exchange email, and our award-winning integrated business collaboration tools.

You're just three steps away.

1. Consult
We listen, understand the cause of your problem, then identify the best solution for your company.

2. Implement & Support
Industry-aligned teams work with you proactively to monitor and improve your technology solutions.

3. Plan for the future
Beyond support, we help you develop a plan that can be implemented today and pay dividends tomorrow.


Think it has to be hard? It's not.

Whether you need a one-time project or an ongoing support plan, our strategic consulting and business technology solutions enable you to focus on what matters—running and growing your business.


Our project leadership team ensures your project reaches successful, timely completion. We design project scopes and lifecycles to control timeframes, costs, and communications.


Our industry-aligned teams proactively monitor your systems, provide hands-on support, and conduct ongoing assessments and consultation to ensure you get the most out of your technology.

Too many goals to tackle? Not for us!

Our project teams and support teams can work simultaneously so you don't lose momentum.